2023 STC Directors Meeting (Virtual)

September 19-20, 2023 


Day One

8:00a (11:00a EST) Welcome – Intro

8:15a (11:20a EST) Class of 2016

10:00a (1:00p EST) Class of 2013

11:00a (2:00p EST)
Manu Prakash, Associate Professor in Bioengineering, Stanford
“Addressing global scale problems”

12:30p (3:30p EST) Robert McGinn, CCC Lead Ethics Investigator
Center for Work, Technology & Organization, Stanford University (Emeritus Professor)
“Ethics Initiatives at an STC: the CCC Approach”

1:00p (4:00p EST) Class of 2023

1:50p (4:50 EST) Breakout discussions




Day Two

8:10a (11:10 EST) Class of 2021

10:15a (1:15p EST) Education / Broadening Participation
Lisa Neshyba (IMOD), Kristen Rahilly (COLDEX),
Katherine Nielsen  (CCC), Sarah Schreiner (STROBE),
Tina Brower Thomas (CIQM), Chartanay Bonner (STEPS)

11:00a (2:00p EST) Guest Speaker
Judith Brown-Clarke, VP for Equity and Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer, Stonybrook University

11:30a (2:30p EST) Breakout discussions

12:40p (3:40p EST) Breakout for Directors and Leads

1:20p (4:20p EST) Wrap up


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