Overview research

We are engaged in learning how to engineer the structure of organelles, cells, and tissues as part of a broader effort to turn Cell Biology into an engineering discipline. Our research objectives have two main goals:  to establish the tools, technologies, and basic science insights necessary to implement a design-build-test cycle; and to motivate our efforts with real world applications of our work.

research themes

In theme 1, CellProbes, we develop experimental and analytical tools to control and measure structure, and place a new emphasis on linking the molecular and morphological states of a cell together.

In theme 2, CellCad, we aim to integrate information from all other themes to generate predictive models and design tools that will enable our long-term goal of building cell and tissue structures to meet the demands of specific applications.

In theme 3, Cell Legos, we continue our efforts to understand and engineer multicellular self-organization with a focus on near and long-term applications of these technologies.

In theme 4, Living Bioreactor, we continue our efforts to engineer organelle structure, with an emphasis on modifying the biochemistry of organelles such as peroxisomes as a new engineering chassis for a variety of applications.