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In order to engineer the structure of organelles, cells, and tissues, we must first understand how the molecular and mechanical state of the cell maps to its structure. This requires the development of new tools to image and quantify cell structure, as well as new tools to perturb and measure the molecular and mechanical state of cells and tissues. Using these tools, we aim to illuminate a mapping from molecular state to cell structure, as well as from cell structure back to molecular state. Completion of this work will allow forward design and engineering of cell structure (conducted in themes 2-4), as well as the potentially transformational ability to predict the internal molecular state of a cell from a snapshot of its structure.


Jennifer Fung (Theme Lead)
High throughput imaging and image analysis

Sara Capponi
Machine learning for image analysis

Zev Gartner
Single-cell probes of intracellular molecular state

Sophie Dumont
Mechanical measurements inside cellular structures

Sindy Tang
Microfluidic tools for probing cells and tissues

Orion Weiner
Controlling cells with optogenetics

Charly Craik 
Antibodies for probing and manipulating cells

Ray Esquerra
Biosensors for probing cell state